Ethereal Lookbook

Ethereal Collection Lookbook

What does "Ethereal" mean?

From the Latin "Aetherius", which means relating to Ether, to sky or on air.

Ethereal is referred to as something extremely delicate and bright to the point that it seems too perfect for this world. I mix in this collection totally different intersecting themes: magic, stars, shadows and lights, western, dream, history, vintage, travel, utopia...

All of these inspirations are pieces of my soul, my true self and way of being. It seems so, if not too perfect, despite their difference and that's what totally makes me think of this word: Ethereal.

In this collection, I have chosen soft materials and colors . I focused on 3 semi-precious stones as a priority: rhodochrosite for its very soft pale pink, rock crystal for its luminosity and transparency, finally rutilated quartz for its transparency inlaid with gold. All three, work perfectly together, my perfection.