The brand

Howlitetrib is a brand of fine, customizable and cosmic jewelry. A universe inspired stars, oceans and imaginary lands. Designed with love and passion, these are talismans that can be worn alone or as layered. Behind each jewel hides a story, a poetry, they want to be dreamers and travelers.

All our jewelry is made in the designer's workshop, in the Landes in south-west France. Jewellery handcrafted, with quality materials, for fine jewelery that withstands everyday life . Their materials ? Our jewels are gilded with fine 16 carat gold embellished with carefully chosen semi-precious stones. The location of their raw materials ? France and Europe (Spain, Germany and Greece). Of course, nickel-free to avoid allergies. The little extra ? They are made to order, in an eco-responsible approach and thus avoid the waste of raw materials

"Never be afraid of life, never be afraid of adventure, trust in chance, luck, destiny. Leave, conquer other spaces, other hopes. The rest will be given to you in addition. "

Henry de Monfreid

A little word from the designer

For a long time, I have loved art, manual work, drawing and creation in itself, the idea of ​​creating something new and that looks deep down.

I've spent my whole life creating things, trying, experimenting, modifying and trying to make the world more unique. I didn't really know where to go until the day. where I start to touch pliers, some supplies and have the feeling of lack, when I am not handling.

That day, I understood that this is what I wanted to do, be and share. I took years of art classes, as well as a Fashion Design BTS and a few workshops, courses to rate. but I am self-taught in the profession of jewelry designer. I learned on my own through years of fiddling, trying, and chaining collections.

I like working with what I see in front of me, but I also like working with sketches. The jewels then flow in a totally improvised or thoughtful way. I like both ways of working. And that's when I decided to share my work and found my jewelry brand.

"Creating is my essence, my fuel. and when I'm not creating I feel totally empty, I don't go a day without creating. "

I'm passionate about everything that comes from nature. The natural things of life like the sun and the moon, the stars, the oceans, the forests. I am passionate about astronomy and stories.

I like to read, create, photograph and especially travel, because it is from these trips and these experiences that I draw my inspiration. My childhood also inspires me a lot, the memories as well. I like to listen to my intuitions and my heart.

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